1969 Continuous Calendar by EB Arnett


Vintage 1969 Continuous Calendar by EB Arnett, Upright Pole Style Wooden Calendar – Tubular Perpetual Calendar. A vintage oddity that would make a great conversation piece. This is an extremely rare upright pole style “Continuous Calendar” by EB Arnett. The calendar has a patent number on the base, which dates it to approximately 1969. This continuous calendar can display any year from 1794-2119. The calendar has instructions imprinted on the base, underneath the day of the week disc. “On the first day of March, rotate the disc so that “Sunday” aligns with the year.” The calendar takes a few minutes of observation to figure out, as it is a fairly unusual and scarce style.The calendar is made of wood, with applied paper graphics, displaying all of the dates. The calender measures 27.5″ in length and is 5.25″ in diameter at the base. The bottom of the base has its original black felt to protect surfaces.