Broadway Ltd. NYC J1e Hudson 5344 Locomotive w/Sound


Broadway Ltd. NYC J1e Hudson 5344 Locomotive w/Sound. This was sold on ebay and buyer returned it, He stated this “Got the engine, runs well, headlight is out. Digitrax, Dt400, runs on default address of 3, no head light when turning on function 0, when in reverse, backup light does come on okay ran on test track ran intermittently” I received it back and found the LED headlight was not plugged in so I plugged it in and now it works, but I don’t have a digital controller to test anything else? This was new in the box when I first listed it on ebay, I unwrapped to take photos. See photos for full details. Box says Paragon Series, Quantum Sound, DC or DCC, made in Korea, box is in great condition as well. I am selling it now as is, may need repaired or maybe just cleaned from sitting in box for many years? I have an old school tyco transformer and test track and I am not able to get it to move, just the lights and sound works?