Hott an Tott Windup Tin Toy 1921


Vintage Hott an Tott Windup Tin Toy 1921, great old toy, great working condition, made by Unique Art MFG Co. 1921. Hott And Tott Right On The Spot Tin Litho Windup Toy Minstrel Team. It is nearly identical as the Strauss Ham & Sam however Unique Art added the Hott And Tott decals and then marketed and sold the toy under that name. Although both toys were made and sold in 1921, the Hott and Tott is more rare and harder to find. This toy is all complete, and in great condition. It works good and when wound, the piano player’s hands move back & forth playing the piano while his partner dances about playing his banjo standing beside him. The front of the piano reads: Hott And Tott Right On The Spot Trade Mark and has sheet music titled Dixie Blues. The decal on the back of the piano reads: Unique Art MFG Co Newark NJ USA. Copyrighted by Unique Art MFG Co 1921 Patented Oct 1921 and has the Unique Art Toy logo.


See it in working action below in our video!