Brass Ships Wall Mount Light Original 10″ Round


Vintage Brass Ships Lamp Original 10″ Round. This is a great looking vintage original electric ships light, this is very heavy and large, has original porcelain socket as well. This had piping connecting multiple lights on a wall, I added a vintage style turn switch on the right pipe opening and a brass elbow on the right pipe opening to run the vintage style cord down. Both modification were sealed in with hot glue and did not alter or damage original fixture and are very secure but can be removed if needed. See photos for all the details, total size is 13″ tall, 10″ wide, 6″ high and 15lbs. Front cap threads off to access wiring, it does have 3 mounting holes for hanging. This will need a very secure wall or each mounting bolt needs to be in a stud to handle this weight. I do not know it’s age or what ship it is from.