Himyar Cigarette Maker Salesmen Kit in Original Box


Vintage Himyar Cigarette Maker Salesmen Kit in Original Box. This is a great looking set, comes with everything shown, original Jobber’s Salesmen demonstrating  purpose only set. This has 4 packs of paper tubes on pack has a tear and partially open. Comes with cigarette making step by step instructions and original kit scissors and Himyar cigarette maker tool in original box, one box end is missing flap. This is a Axton-Fisher Tobacco Co. Louisville, Kentucky. Original box was in very rough condition so it was carefully put back together with craft glue, tape on box was present before we received it. This is a one of kind item you will not find anywhere else, only for the serious collector. Himyar pack is sealed and dated on back December 1, 1931, stamped over tax stamp that is dated 1910.